About Us

nine optic is known for its large selection of Authentic branded spectacles with an affordable price. It’s a home delivery based company. To giving their service to the honorable customers its making business through online. You do not need to choose a product from a traditional show room. Because, nine optic sales person will go at your place with the products album, upon your call. It could be at Your office or at your home. Buy Europe’s best-branded spectacles from your home. We give our service to the whole country.

If you looking for something exclusive for your eye glasses, please try nine optic genuine product. We are trying to give an authentic product with a better price than a traditional showroom. But sometimes customer asked us, how we can give such a competition for an authentic product?

Due to the extra expenditure of other showrooms, the price of the product normally high. But we do not have any expenditure for show room and employees. That is why we can give those products with a better price. Moreover, we import of our products directly from Hong Kong dealer. We are looking forward to your cooperation to be established our business online. Please buy one product from nine optic and help us to take our business forward. Nine optic is waiting for your call.